Who are we?

We are located in France near Paris and have started to sell European antiques 20 years ago to traders and collectors to whom we offered more particularly French paintings from 19th to 20th and Ceramics from 17th to 20th Century.

Even before, we had our first contact with Chinese civilisation through the practise of Tai chi chuan and Chi Kong. Our interest and knowledge field has grown then studying aspects of the great Chinese Tradition and notably the Yin and Yang principle.

Very naturally we started then to collect chinese ceramics and decided to focus our trading on this rich specialty in 2003.

We have started to approach the international market by the way of auctions and enlarged our audience through Ebay. We decided then to launch our own website in order to expose a selection of objects to share our actual knowledge as much as our taste in this so large domain of Chinese ceramics.

Just as we behaved when we used to sell European Antiques, we always stick to the next of the items we have, and they are described to the best of our knowledge and as they are.

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